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Are you tired of those annoying pop-ups that don't let you navigate? Ad Muncher is the lite application you need to use your PC without having to deal with those annoying pop-ups.

Not only is it able to eliminate banners from websites but it does eliminate them from some applications like Pando, SopCast, PalTalk, LimeWire or TVAnts, what makes it a very interesting choice.

The program is very flexible and you can configure it to work as youlike and make it suit your needs. Set filters, modify windows, add ad blocks and even send feedback to Ad Muncher developers to help them improve it.

Ad Muncher supports all common web browsers - Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE,...- so you won't have any problem to take the most out of it.

Ad Muncher will help you have a better navigation experience, specially if you usually visit websites with lots of audio ads.

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